About Our Company

Our Services

Wonderment Studio as an American company proudly provides services like:
Voice-over and English dubbing
Making music and adding sound effects to cinematic projects, animations and games designed by producers all over the world
We also provide other services including graphic designing, programming for apps, production and distributing smartphone games which are elaborated on below:


[qode_circles columns=”three_columns” circle_line=”no_line”][qode_circle type=”icon_type” icon=”fa-microphone” size=”fa-3x” title=”DUBBING & VOICE-OVERING” text=”High-Quality dubbing and voice-over for Movies, Animations, Series and Games from all languages into American English, Persian and Arabic at reasonable price.”][qode_circle type=”icon_type” position=”center” icon=”fa-music” size=”fa-3x” title=”Music Making ” text=”Making film score/ background music for Games, Animations, Movies, Trailers and Radio/ TV Ads.”][qode_circle type=”icon_type” icon=”fa-gamepad” size=”fa-3x” title=”Game Producing” text=”Producing and Distributing iOS & Android games and apps, Buying ready-made products and investment/partnership in production. “][qode_circle type=”icon_type” icon=”fa-mobile” size=”fa-3x” title=”Apps Programming” text=”Designing and Producing iOS and Android Apps using state-of-the-art technologies and methods (AR)”][qode_circle type=”icon_type” icon=”fa-bell” size=”fa-3x” title=”M&E and SFX” text=”Adding sound effects to Game projects, Animations and Movies.”][qode_circle type=”icon_type” icon=”fa-camera” size=”fa-3x” title=”Photography” text=”Professional photography for products, advertisements and individuals.”][qode_circle type=”icon_type” icon=”fa-paint-brush” size=”fa-3x” title=”Graphic Designing” text=”Commercial & professional graphic designing services for companies and individuals at reasonable price. ( Logos, Flyers, Ads, Websites and Apps )”][/qode_circles]
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